Addmotor 2020

 Brand New Design

Classic Black 


Volcano Ash


1000 W 

Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Motor

30 MPH

Max. Speed



160 N·M

Super High Torque

48 V  17.5 Ah

Lithium-Ion Battery Panasonic Cells

60-70 Miles

Per Charge with PAS 1(Estimate)

350 Lbs

Payload CapacitY

Addmotor 5 Inch LCD Smart Color Display

Bluetooth connection & Google map direction display.
(After the Bluetooth connection is successful, use the Google map on the phone for navigation, and the direction arrow will show up on the display.)
Full-Color LCD Display for easier viewing.
Clearly legible and intuitive to use.

Chainwheel & Freewheel ——
The minimum ratio is 1.125 : 1

If you run out of power, You don't have to ride hard to passthrough mountain, beach and grassland.We've geared up by introducing Shimano 9-speed gearing with improved 

easy-gear shifting. 36 teeth of front aluminum chainwheel

and 11-32 teeth of rear stainless steel freewheel make 

your bike move forward easily even if it has no power.

Rear Axle ——Customize_Wider_Lengthen

It is suitable for all types of cargo trailer on the market!

The m-5600 is a strong conqueror of mountains. 

At the same time, you can carry packages, kids, cargo, 

food and more by installing an additional bicycle trailer.
Proving to be a healthy and practical alternative for thosewishing to reduce costs, increase exercise, and improve your wallet, your fuel bill, your overall fitness, 
and the 


4.5” Puncture Proof  Tire

With the customized oversized wheel hub, it has more load-bearing, and can take you to conquer the worse terrain.
The anti-stabbing layer USES aromatic staple fiber, with

special high strength anti-stabbing adhesive material,

increases the anti-stabbing ability by 20%.

Shinning From M-5600——SHIMANO M4000 Series 9 Speed

The super low profile concept SHIMANO technology keeps the derailleur safe from trail obstacles. 

And the shift lever provides responsive rear shifting for 9-speed mountain bike drivetrains. 

The RAPIDFIRE PLUS lever is suited to quick shifting, giving riders the ability to downshift three gears in one stroke.

PROMAX Adjustable Handlebar

In order to let your arm ride in the most comfortable position, our M-5600 uses PROMAX Adjustable Handlebars, 

0~180 ° adjustable angle. You don't have to adapt to bicycles, but bicycles adapt to you.

120mm Inverted Air Fork

Lightweight and highly (and easily) adjustable for rider weight and spring stiffness are the benefits of air fork which are best used for cross country, trail and all-mountain riding.

Hydraulic Disc Brake,

Wonderful Braking Action

High-end bikes use hydraulic disc brakes they have more power than mechanical brakes to stop the bike.

  • Smoother, giving you a reliable experience.

  • Easier, requires retinal tension braking.

  • More suitable for braking in any weather conditions.

Strong Power Can Handle All Terrains

-- Rated power at 1000w, the mid-drive motor provides power constantly enough even in  continuous steep hills

  • Located in the middle of the frame, closer to the bike’s center of gravity, ensures improved handling and safer riding.

  • The angle height position of the motor can well protect the motor from hitting obstacles on the road.

  • Integrated rugged frame to protect the motor, can prevent spatter, dust and collisions.

Sturdy Frame,

Super Load Capacity

  • ARC aluminum-alloy frame, stiff and durable, as well as high-end-fashion sporty look.

  • The protection box of the motor and controller are integrated with the rugged frame, connected the main frame as a triangle, simple but strong.

  • A sturdy frame can load a lot including you and your gears.

Full series of waterproof bags give hands freedom from many kinds of stuff

The bike is ready to look for games, there is no doubt that you should need some add-on waterproof bags to carry your gears like clothing, sunglasses, telescope, shotgun, phone, knife, etc, to help you make the hunting journey easy to carry out. Made from high-quality waterproof cloth, these durable bags of different sizes can meet all kinds of need, offer you a freedom riding experience.

Compact Cargo Trailer

The wildtan built to carry 350lbs and if that’s not enough the add-on trailer can carry an additional 100lbs so you can make it one trip in and out instead of a tiring back and forth lugging heavy gear on your back. The 20’’ fat tires trailer can be easily installed on the rear post in seconds. Buy a trailer and you will get a free bag fit for it.

17.5Ah Panasonic Battery 

with a USB charging port, large capacity, won’t worry about running out of Addmotor while in a 60 miles with PAS 1 long-distance adventure.

Sizing and Geometry

The powerful mid-drive motor strong enough to carry a rider whose height 

range of 5'10''-6'5'' and weigh 350 lbs.

In December 2019, We Designed And Completed The WILDTAN 1.0 Demo And Tested Its Performance.


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